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About Us

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Hello! Welcome to iProperty. As a tech savvy and values-driven company, we build professional and user-friendly project and development websites that help turn viewers into interested buyers. Whether your project is a small apartment tower or a huge multistage land development, we offer a range of website capabilities for all project sizes and budgets. From simple websites with basic information to websites inclusive of interactive maps, floor plans, and stage plans, we have an online solution for you.

iDevelopments is built on the philosophy and belief that valuable feedback combined with great technical expertise and experience results in a remarkable design that delivers exceptional value to the end user. We work hard to ensure an iDevelopments site delivers exactly what you and your customers need.

iProperty is a small, private, Australian business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We’ve been helping real estate professionals, companies, and developers for more than 15 years, providing the Australian real estate industry with a range of comprehensive tools, including one of the first mobile apps (remember palm pilots?!).

In addition to providing premium products, we strongly believe in providing premium support – for free. We understand not everyone is ‘tech savvy,’ and sometimes you just need to be able to pick up the phone and get the help you’re looking for.

Hello again – and welcome to iDevelopments, where we design a project or development website that works for you. Reach out to us via the contact page to discuss your project or development.